Thursday, 20 November 2014

Zeus kicked my butt :(

Well then...

After my success with Justice, I tried to go for Zeus.

1) Zeus does a lot more damage than Justice. But the damage was fine. I only HAD to flee out once because I mistimed a shieldbash and ate a lot of damage during combat lag. I fled out a couple times to recast shockshield and stuff, but other than that...I'm fine tanking Zeus' straight up damage.

2) Zeus does a LOT of eq damage.

3) Because of point #2, I lost a danny ring.

I noticed I was taking a lot of equipment damage and was starting to strip my eq off, but then my danny ring took a hit and fell to pieces....argh. I should have paid much more attention to my equipment during the fight and stopped, recalled to repair, then continued the fight. I was whittling Zeus down and had him to "bleeding freely", so the kill itself was fine. I just need to learn my own limits, and this was, in the end, a lesson in being overly optimistic/hopeful/borderline arrogant about it all. This definitely knocked me back into line.

Back to golding I go...

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