Friday, 21 November 2014

Justice - first blood, part two

I was in need of another devout scale, so I went back to justice armed with 800-900 heals, a few tanksets, and high hopes that I would be able to pop more than one. My plan was to kill as many times as I had heals for, keep one devout scale, then donate the other devouts to the Arcanes.

Refer to previous post on general run notes for Justice.

A pattern I noticed over the course of my run a pattern that emerged with Justice: the bulk of her damage was through her blast of flame. Her second largest source was her quantum spike. So you can have a really easy kill if her blast of flame never manages to hit you straight on...but if she happens to spam it on you, and it lands square on your face, it drains your hp quick. I did have 10% suscept to fire, but I also had 10% resist on fire as well. I'm wondering if I should switch to a different body plate that gives a fire resist...

But she seemed to do a lot of burst at the beginning of the fight, around "slightly scratched" to "a few bruises". If I could ride it out until somewhere about "sum cuts", it would go into a lull where she wouldn't seem to cast very many damage spells often, and I could easily throw in round after round of shieldbash for favourable trades. Once it was down to "bleeding freely", she seemed to ramp up her damage again, but nowhere near the levels of the beginning of the fight. Interesting she went in a sort of peak/valley/recovery pattern in terms of damage.

I had enough heals to do 8 kills, and only the very last one surrendered a devout scale. One was evil, the other six were neutrals.

Getting a bit more confident in tanking!

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