Friday, 30 January 2015

The mysterious orb of winter...

You tell Eisengrim 'Hi Eis!'

You tell Eisengrim 'Do you have a moment? :)'
Eisengrim tells you 'hello'
Eisengrim tells you 'possibly, whats up'
You tell Eisengrim 'I found one of your orbs of winter :)'
Eisengrim tells you 'nice. on which char?'
You tell Eisengrim 'This one, actually hehe. I was adjusting align and ran into it'

A small classroom                                          /     -     \
-------------------------------------------------------    - ---(+)--- E
                                                           \     -     /
This classroom is set up in an open style.  Small desks are set in a
semicircle about the room.  Toys litter the floor like yesterday's
castoffs.  A table at the far wall occupies a place of importance.
Several puzzle toys rest upon this table.  Simple drawings of gears,
levers and the like line the walls.
Exits: east
(Magical) A small glowing white sphere lies here, shimmering waves of mist emanating from its core.
A large pool of spilled blood lies here.
An old gnome woman stands here, teaching the class.
A gnome child is here, deep in thought.
A gnome child is here, deep in thought.

Eisengrim appears within a swirling vortex of leaves.
You say 'twas a nice surprise to stumble across it, heh'
Eisengrim peers intently about the area, looking for thieves no doubt.
Eisengrim says 'pass me the orb'

You get Eisengrim's Orb of Winter.
The orb flares, rays of white energy illuminating the area.
The cold arctic winds flare up, throwing powerful gusts around you.
Flakes of pure white snow begin to fall, covering the ground.
At that moment the realization strikes: winter has arrived.


You give Eisengrim's Orb of Winter found by Rentuke to Eisengrim.
Eisengrim smiles happily.
Your glory has been increased by 3.
Eisengrim says 'keep your eyes open'
Eisengrim bows deeply.
You thank Eisengrim heartily.
Eisengrim gives a wink, before crumbling into leaves which scatter to the floor.

A nice way to end the day!

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