Thursday, 1 January 2015

January questing begins

Happy new year!

Arcanes has begun a new quest for January - one that I think I can take part in, maybe (just maybe) get top spot! The prizes are pretty handy, too.

A wordsearch was posted on the noteboard with the names of 30 different items hidden inside...I've found 28, possibly 29 of them. I'll have to check on the 29th to make sure that combination of letters wasn't just a coincidence. I'm missing the last one, but looking at the puzzle too long gives me a headache :P

The goal is to collect as many of these items as we can within the month; one main stipulation is that we aren't allowed to buy any of the pieces, which is fair. Some of them are easy items like scorched band of glass and so on, while others are a bit trickier like shifting black flames (time to prep my ranger!), and still others require a bit of teamwork to make easier. Nonetheless, I hope to document the progress of my quest as I go...I'll obviously be revealing the items I've found, but honestly the wordsearch isn't *too* difficult.

I had some spare time at work today, and was already able to nab a few of the easier items on the list:
scorched band of glass, ice girth, crystal dragon bracer, sash of the magi. Off to a good start to the new year, too, because I already learned something! The Grand Mistress in the High Tower of Sorcery felt like it should have been much easier than it actually was. It wasn't until I'd already defeated her and looted the sash that I realized I'd been wielding a magical weapon the entire time, when only non-magic weapons hit her, hahaha. So the fight should have gone a hundred times quicker...but shieldbash eventually got her down ;)

Here's to a newer, and greater, year!

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